Do you use Facebook Audience Insights to laser target your audience?

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Some of my posts are in english. Onlinemarketing is very advanced in the english speaking area. In this posts you find different tutorials with written summary in order to have an overview. This data are not my but how can I do better than the real professionals? There is so much to know and the purpose of this site is to benefit from my findings. The credit goes to the autors of the videos. Lets dive in …

How To Use The Facebook Audience Insights Tool and Facebook's Targeting for Laser Targeting your audience

This tutorial is from April 2017. Maybe some data have changed over the time but than consider the strategy.

Many people messing up Facebook Ads are going to broad. Start with an audience in the range of 100.000 to 300.000. Example: You are going to sell SciFi T-Shirts. Find names which are in the niche. Dont take George Lucas this is to broad – he has a large number of followers on FB. Try someone  who has a smaller audience. William Shanter (Captain Kirk) has around 600.000 which is also to much for our purpose. Try one no one else is going to choose like Isaac Asimov (founding father of SciFi). He has only 90.000 follwowers. The quality of leads from targeting this person are much higher, because you target the real fans of the subject. Also the keyword is cheaper. 

On Facebook-insights you can type in all kinds of interest. 

Insights on how to target audience using VIP`s. If you are in the niche of  personal development or motivation, take the name, as an example, Tony Robins. Do not take a name that is to broad like Gary Vanerchuck. (on Facebook-insights not all the names you are looking for are there… no one knows why this is) Look for names only the experienced would know. Tony Robbins is also to broad – up to 2.000.000 followers. Get more specific.

Use a word list to put in your findings.