Is there a formula for creation?

the formula of creation by Friedrich Howanietz

What is life without a little bit of magic? But magic is more than a spell or ancient symbols.


I have to warn you to read this article. This essay might stress your believes and convictions. Also, I am taking a big risk in writing this, because people will think I am a total crack, lost in a weird kind of „new age – spirituality“. I also risk my reputation of a serious entrepreneur. But I do it anyway. If you have found this article maybe this is the information you were looking for. If you continue to read it, remember I have warned you.

May I introduce you to Count Saint Germain?

Because you have ignored my warning I will jump right into the subject. Normally I write in German but this subject is much easier for me to express in the English language because the language has more words to express what I want to convey to you.

Count Saint Germaine is a mythical person in history. If you want to know the history of him you can find a lot of it on the internet. I will not repeat it, nor will I write about his life. For our purpose, he has lived, walked the earth did creasy things and disappeared.

In my young years, I was reading a lot of weird books and stuff. I studied mythology, Freud, Roman history, Indian philosophy, Buddhism, and a book describing the life and stories about Saint Germaine. My thoughts were attracted by this quote:

„I hold the whole nature in my hand and as God created the world I can draw all I need and want out of nothing.“

Since this time I was thinking about this quote. I always had a feeling that I can do every thing and it seems to be easy. But you know, life is not that easy at all. Even positive thinking does not make you powerful and rich.

Mathematics has this all solved

There is a rule in mathematics which is going like this: „If you can formulate the right question, the answer will jump right into your face“ or something like this. Heureka! this solves all! Now comes the famous „Yes But“. Yes, it sounds good and applicable, but what is the right question? Most of the time you feel some problem, but you can not define it nor are you able to describe it. This leaves us with a simple problem: „What is the right question?“

Can you do?

Have you ever experienced, that you want to help someone, but could not do so? I think we all have this experience. There are some reasons why help fails. 

  • Someone does not want to be helped
  • Someone does not want to help
  • Someone does not have the ability to help (disabled, blind or unmovable)
  • Someone does not recognize the situation
  • Someone does not understand the scene
  • Someone is not educated enough to estimate the situation

I am sure there are much more reasons why helping people can fail to help. It is beside this point, but many people get bad feelings when they think about help, some think help is betrayal. But „help“ does not care of the „thinking“ of people. 

From my viewpoint, the most common reasons of failed help is „don´t know what it is and what to do“.

„Dont know what it is“ can be translated in „no understanding“.

Is having ideas a liability?

Many people do not understand what I am doing, or where to put me. But I have to confess it is hard for me too. I have so many ideas and activities that it is quite overwhelming. Many creative people suffer from „over-creation“. The liability, in this case, is, that you have a stream of ideas, but no organization to produce results with it. But the sensation of creating, is a „kick“ which nothing else can deliver.

What is wrong with the creation of ideas? Basically, there is nothing wrong with ideas, but all. The liability starts when you are on a project or champagne and you always come up with new ideas instead of executing a plan. For sure executing a plan is not that thrilling, than creating an idea.

If you have come so far please continue to read. Do not skip parts. Maybe it makes sense at the end.  Okay, let’s continue.

As an example, if you have a spontaneous idea how to expand your business how successful might this idea be? From my estimation, it is not very likely to be successful in most of the time. You might be a genius and got an enlightenment but mostly it will not be successful.  There is another liability connected to such an operation basis. You might be successful and think you are a genius who can create successful things out of nothing. But be aware these gains are more or less „lucky shots“. To prove this is easy. Can you duplicate the success or result?

You can create what you can describe

Brace yourself – here comes the next esoteric bullet. „

You can not create what you can´t describe“

My business life came to an end when I sold my companies in 2012. I was thinking „I have made it!“ Lots of money, lots of time, lots of ideas but no plan. In short, I was lost. For an active person like me, this was quite an experience. One day before a well known and influencing business man and the next day an independent gentleman. 

So where do we start from here?

I have told you this long introduction in order to prepare you for the follwing idea. 

Are you ready for it?

Okay here we are, this is the formula of creation:

What would your perfect scene (or subject) look like if there is no limits, barriers, and consequences to it?

Maybe we replace perfect with ideal. Ideal has more the character of serving and contributing but perfect might imply a “standard” form which might not be the desired situation. It is of imperative importance that you are not going to answer this question in terms of items, and things. It is more in the direction of feelings, experiences and ideal situations.

E.g.: you want a garden and would work it out in this direction: I have a place with lots of flowers, trees, and other plants which do not need a lot of care. I have birds and butterflies in this garden. The garden is easy to mend and maintain. There are no neighbors disturbing me. There is no bit distracting noise. The air smells of roses and lavender. The garden is close to the house and does not take a lot of money – around 500,– a year – to be in ideal order.

You answer the question in the direction of a desire, a wanting and longing.

Do not think in terms of things in this stadium of creation. E.g.: a big house I can live with my family. Things are more or less end points which might not satisfy you when having. Also Euro 500.000,– might seem a desirable amount but what would 500.000,– serve for?

If you consider this in its full sense, you will find out that you think in terms of goals. The goal is more an idea of a desire, imagination, and illusion. Do not mix up illusion with delusion! These are two different terms.

Do you belive this works?

Your main focus is on experience

Think in terms of experience:  Being together with people you like. Having a life of fulfillment. Having a feeling of doing the right thing. Having adventures which do not harm people. Having a business with customers you like and like to be around and work with. Being a help for people which like to be helped with your ideas, products, and projects. Having a stream of income which is expanding and enjoyable. The stream of income is more than you can easily spend. It is more than taxes, insurances, errors, and expenses can consume.  And so on in this direction. It is as if you consider a scenery. At this stage, it is not important how you achieve this, what you need to do, or what activity you have to make in order to get to it.

With the answering of this question, you are in creating mood. Dwell in it.

If you are satisfied with it you go on to the next area. If you are unhappy with your current job, go on and do the same exercise. “what would your ideal/perfect job look like if there is no limits and consequences to it.” Work this out with the same intention. E.g.: I work from home with a specific target group/customers who I can help with their problems. I have a special solution to their problems which I have invented and standardized. I work good and hard but have enough time for family, sport, and community. I make more money than I need for expenses and save money for expansion.

Stop daydreaming get to work!

You might say OK this sounds like day dreaming but what do I have to do in order to experience it? I need a lot of stuff for this. Where do I get this?

The next stage is not to start and get this but to look at the write-up and decide if you realy want this. Like if someone asks you if you really want this. It is like a wish. You have to get excited about it and want it fully.  This might take a bit of work because the harsh reality kicks in. You might get all kinds of feelings and thoughts but this will run out. You should come to a point where you can look at your “wish” and get a clear feeling of “I really want this”.  You give yourself a commitment that this is your dream and life you want.

Now comes the work

After finishing this your next step is home work. Now comes the part you start to work out how to get there. Now you are going to educate yourself. Now you get into things. You look for opportunities, chances, connections, possibilities, and people. Because you know what you want (dream) you are now much more focused than before. If there is an offer you would compare it to your dream and would decide if this offer would bring you closer to your goal or not. There are new shoes and holidays – do this offers help you to come closer to your dream? If not, you can decide not to do it. There is a book to read a course to attend – you evaluate it against your dream and decide if it helps you to get there or not.

How do you evaluate now?

Your friends invite you for a drinking party – does it help you to get closer to your dream? – no? then skip it. Maybe you change your friends which fit more to the profile of your dream. From now on you have a light house for orientation.

It is not that a mysterious wizard will guide you through the day but your defined dream will orient you in life and with this view point you make the right decision towards this dream.

This is not a 100% sure formula because you will work and adjust it. But I am quite sure that you will arrive there and will not even recognize it.

Still do not get the desired result?

If you lose your goal one day and fall in doubt, it is best to start all over again. The drill is not to quit on it but to continue till the end result

Can you please tell me what this has to do with marketing?

I know this all sounds very esoteric and has nothing to do with marketing and how we have been educated to run things. We are trained that we need to have in order to achieve our dreams.

But from my experience, it is not that way. Because I have met so many people having reached wealth, independence, and influence but being miserable. I call it the formula of creation because it embraces all that I have studied on business, success, and marketing. To make the point I will show you how this formula will work in marketing.

“What would your perfect/ideal client look like if you have the power to create them with no limits and consequences to it?”

You could say that is easy I would create “idiots” buying all my staff without any effort from my side. I am sorry but this is not the right way to consider it because sooner or later you will feel a bit lonely in such a society, right? But you could go and create it from this angle: I have the perfect target audience to target and advertise to in order sell my product which they need and want a lot and therefore making a fortune which brings me financially, location and time freedom. I think this might be a dream worth considering.

If you still have an idea that you will harm people maybe you should considering some handling but no one wants to live in a society where you have done damage to – right?

This article is not finished yet. I would appreciate if you give me your feedback and also if you tell me if this is applicable for you.